How To Make Polyclonal Antibodies In 45 Days

The antibodies are valuable tools in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics to the point of becoming essential tools in areas such as immunological research immunohistochemistry , diagnostic tests, etc.

Producing customized polyclonal antibodies is an essential strategy for obtaining specific immunoglobulins in many lines of research, but often the approximately three months that the standard immunization and purification protocol lasts, make it possible to manage deadlines that are not always viable in the management. of the proyects.

In this post we bring you a brief summary of the protocol optimizations that are being worked on in recent times in order to reduce these deadlines as much as possible, and thus be able to produce polyclonal antibodies more quickly, while respecting well-being of the animals.

To do this, let’s start by reviewing what are the most critical steps in the production of polyclonal antibodies.

Critical Steps To Produce Polyclonal Antibodies

The key points when producing polyclonal antibodies encompass the following steps:

1.- Design and obtaining of the antigen

2.- Selection of animal species

3.- Selection and preparation of the adjuvant

4.- Immunization protocol

5.- Collection and purification of antibodies

Among all of them, there are especially two in which you can influence to optimize and reduce the process deadlines: obtaining the antigen and the immunization protocol . Achieving the production of the antigen of interest in a reasonably less time, together with an optimization of the injection schedule that allows stimulating the immune response more quickly, without compromising animal welfare, will allow polyclonal antibodies to be produced more quickly and efficiently.

Produce Polyclonal Antibodies In 45 Days

The objective, as we have already said, is to produce polyclonal antibodies in less than 3-4 months, which lasts the traditional protocol, without compromising animal welfare, and of course, in a cost-effective way.

With this in mind, and based on the optimization of the antigenic strategy and the immunization protocol, at Abyntek we have developed an innovative protocol that allows us to synthesize the antigen, immunize animals, obtain the antiserum and purify it by affinity in a timely manner. only 45 days.

The process can be carried out with one or several peptides of the same protein simultaneously, to obtain different polyclonal antibodies by means of a single immunization as summarized in the following table.